About Me

Current Work

Currently, a central method I use and aim to advance is multiverse meta-analysis. As there are many defensible choices a researcher could make in conducting a meta-analysis, I am interested in the overall influence such arbitrary decisions might have on entire research fields. In particular, I am using this method to investigate the robustness of psychotherapy research and digital mental-health research for depression and anxiety.

I also aim to bring a common practice from differential psychology to health-related quality of life research: timely and patient-specific norm data. I believe it is important that patients are compared to an up-to-date and patient-specific reference group. To provide such data, I use plausible value imputation and quantile regression and program shiny apps to help visualize a patients health-related quality of life relative to others from the same country, with a similar age, and sex.

We are also working on multiverse differential item functioning analyses, to understand the influence arbitrary data-analytic decisions might have when we investigate measurement invariance.